Collection: Art Glass Compote Candles

There are 2 types of Compotes, a True Open Compote having a ruffled or fluted top which was intended originally to hold fresh fruit. The Covered Compote was for anything that had a liquid, such as a fruit salad, stewed peaches or rhubarb, etc. The Fenton Art Glass Compote is a favorite of ours because of the unique designs they preserved into glass.  Fenton was in business since 1905 well over 100 years. The milk glass, Hobnail and Silver Crested compotes make up a big part of Antique Glass Candle Company because of the beauty when poured. Our Dessert candle line can also be found in the Art Glass Compotes. We carry compotes in a variety of colors and styles and we strive hard to source this beautiful Art Glass. Glass can be refurbished and refilled upon request.